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  1. Greetings Deborah,

    Hope you’re having a great start to the New Year in Boston. I actually lived in MA for 16 years (schooling at Northeastern, and most recently working at BuyerZone in Waltham for 4+ years) until 2009 when I moved to Austin, TX.

    I’m writing to both thank you for featuring my company, Spiceworks (http://www.spiceworks.com/) on networkmonitoring.org, and to inquire about becoming an advertiser or exclusive sponsor of your site. I think your blog would be a great resource for Spiceworks and that your site visitors in the IT industry will really get use out of what Spiceworks can do for them for free.

    If you accept advertising/sponsorships, or it’s something you would like to start in 2011 and use us as the “test case” (or guinea pig), please let me know. Feel free to either email or call me to discuss ad types and costs. If you have any monthly site analytics to share, please send it my way.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.


    -Jason H. Smith, Spiceworks Online Marketing Manager
    jasons@spiceworks, 512-628-8237

  2. Ryan Hunter says:

    I wanted to pass along a unique monitoring product that you might be interested in featuring on your site. TelcoAlert is a hosted fax and telecom monitoring and notification service providing real time, end to end validation of all critical fax and phone infrastructure.
    Key Features:
    – 24×7 monitoring of key fax lines, PRI’s and fax servers
    – Error conditions are triple checked from diverse infrastructure to ensure no false alerts
    – Customizable notification to email, cell phone or pager
    – Graphical real time and historical reporting
    – No software to install, fully hosted
    – Setup takes less than 5 minutes

    Thank you in advance for your consideration.

  3. Michael P says:

    Hi, I am impressed with your site and with the variety of subjects you cover in this arena, I think network monitoring is heavily overlooked when it comes to IT strategy and is all to often an after thought. I would like you to consider our product, Total View One for review, I think it will fit in nicely with your readership and offer something a little different. Please check out our website presinet.com and if are Interested please contact me on 1-250-405-5380 x222.

    Many thanks


  4. Rheo Cabalu says:


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    I own the domain name ComputerNetworkSoftware.com which matches your keyword and may help in driving organic traffic. This could be an asset to your business.

    I am selling this domain quickly for only $97 usd and will be glad to answer any questions,


    Rheo Cabalu
    Domaining Consulting Ltd.
    Senior Broker

    P.S. If you have no interest in this domain name, I apologize for the interruption. You will not hear from me again if I don’t hear back from you. You are not on any list.

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